My original recipes …

Leanne TaylorMy name is Leanne and cooking isn’t a chore for me –  I enjoy nothing more than creating wonderful dishes from scratch, so have decided to share my creations online.  I like the challenge of creating healthy, economical dishes from what I have available in the garden, the pantry and the fridge and am adding recipes to the collection regularly … so please enjoy!

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Just posted my 167th recipe ... Cheesy Vege Rice … a quick and simple recipe that you can adapt to suit your taste or what ingredients you have available  … if you would like to be notified each time a new recipe is published, simply register at the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

Cheesy Vege Rice
Cheesy Vege Rice

7 thoughts on “My original recipes …”

  1. Great stuff Leanne. I don’t particularly like cooking but love food and there is nothing better than to follow a recipe (and not to have to think for myself) so bring it on :-)

  2. Well done Leanne! Everything looks so appetising and such colourful photography. Have you thought of having a tasting panel? :)

  3. Beaut recipes Leanne and they look a treat in the photographs too.
    I’ll be giving them a go in the very near future. Thanks for sharing.

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